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About HuaRong chemical industry

Shifang HuaRong chemical co., LTD., formerly known as shifang HuaRong technology co., LTD,Shifang city of sichuan province in phosphate rock resources,From chengdu60Kilometers,The transportation is convenient,Is a company specializing in the production、A large range of products research and development of fine phosphorus chemical industry production enterprise。Advanced production equipment,Strong technology research and development team,Now the company covers an area of about30000Square meters,It happened5The production line,The water soluble fertilizer mainly produces a large number of elements、Potassium dihydrogen phosphate、Ammonium dihydrogen phosphate、Diammonium phosphate、Potassium nitrate、The urea phosphate and phosphoric acid,For years production100000Tons。The company all qualified,Management practices,Has obtained the safety production license、ISO9001:2015Quality management system certification、Food production license、Industrial products production license、Certificate of import and export rights to import and export of some products and exports to the eu countriesREACHThe certificate。

  • 2001Years

    Set up years

  • 30000

    Cover an area of an area

  • 100000Tons

    Annual production

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